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Rock Ram Steering System, 376351K13
Rock Ram Steering System, 376351K13

Our Price: $1,202.00

Product Code: 376351K13

The Rock Ram system is the Original hydraulic assisted steering system designed and developed for competition rock crawlers, the Rock Ram System will improve the off road and on highway handling of any vehicle running larger than stock tires. It works equally well on weekend trail riders, hardcore rock crawlers and the 4wheel drive with large tire and a lift kit who rarely gets off road but needs additional steering to move the big tires into tight parking spots. The Rock Ram system increases your steering force y 100% or more, yet still retains excellent handling characteristics for on road driving. The Ram cylinder serves as an added assist to the gearbox and as a POWERED Steering Stabilizer, eliminating the need for a conventional steering stabilizer. The Ram Cylinder uses dynamic hydraulic pressure to control the front end movement, not just cushion it and the results produce a smoother ride and increased steering control.

The Rock Ram System consists of our competition and trail proven Super Ram Box, Rock Ram Super Pump, and the Rock Ram Hydraulic cylinder and install kit. The Super Ram Box has been machined and ported and fitted with a properly matched Rock Ram Valve to provide the needed increased fluid flow to supply both the Ram Box and the Ram cylinder, not to be confused with the backyard conversion that results in a slow and sluggish steering system.

The Rock Ram gear box is manufactured with light valving for turning ease. The gear ratios vary depending on the vehicle application, In additional to the tremendous increase in turning force the Rock Ram System reduces stress on the steering gearbox and frame by sharing the load with the Ram cylinder. The components and modifications include the Rock Ram system are purpose designed to provide pure turning power for off road maneuvering and at the same time stabilizing the front end while driving on pavement.

The Rock Ram System is the ultimate in steering components kits, however it is not be the fix for other components needing repair or replacement.

Fitment specs / kit is as follows:
376351 gear box
813257 Super Pump
930100 cylinder install kit
931158 Rock Ram Cylinder

*This Rock Ram Kit includes a bolt on replacement TC Series-II pump, small piston steering box, and a 1-1/2" diameter ram with a 5/8 shaft. This kit will turn tires up to 39.5" with no problem. For faster reaction time, we do recommend that you also purchase a smaller pulley, (AGR# 980152) to go with this kit. For tires 40" or larger, you should consider making modifications for the larger Rock Ram Kit (362251K07) which includes our Super P-series Pump.

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