Steering Gear Box, 228352 Power Steering Pump used with Explorer Serpentine Brackets, TC Conversion Pump, 840256P
Our Price: $575.00
Our Price: $353.00

This is your answer to the anemic Mercedes-Benz steering gear box. This is the Mercedes to Saginaw conversation steering gear box. This is the much larger and heavier duty box. There is modifications to convert your late model TJ/LJ to this box. You will need to either replace your steering column intermediate shaft with an earlier design found on the 2000 model TJ’s or you can cut 2 inches out of yours and use it. The earlier 2000 model TJ pressure line will also be required.

This Super Box 2 steering gear box is nearly identical in design, performance, and brute force to the Super Box 1, but they're engineered for the vehicle used as a daily driver. They have a firmer valving and appropriate ratio gearing for better handling and drivability at highway speeds. The ratio is the 16/13:1 with the 4 finger feel and 3.3ish turns lock to lock.

Fitment specs are as follows:
3bolt inside the frame mounting
TIG Welded 3rd bolt mount
Metric 16mm pressure o-ring fitting
Metric 18mm return o-ring fitting
3/4-30 splined input shaft
Billet Trim
This is our TC Super Pump specially made for the Early Bronco guys using the 1996 Ford Explorer Serpentine drive. This is a popular swap to upgrade to the serpentine belt system and be able to fit in the smaller engine bay of the Early Bronco. This pump includes our 10% overdrive billet pulley

This pump is shown mounted in the ford bracket using the factory Ford Explorer reservoir. The bracket and reservoir is not included. This set up will require a shorter belt #K060923 found at your local parts store

Specs are as follows;
TC series 2 pump
Pull on shaft retained pulley, (included)
Threaded mounting hears
16mm Ford Metric O-ring Pressure line
Slip/Clamp on Return Port
1500 psi rating